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"Storm Chasers"

Helpful Tips

In the wake of a Major Storm, it is important that you as an agent help educate your customers about the very real threat of roofing and repair scammers.
Often called "Storm Chasers" these potentially unscrupulous contractors will offer to "fix your roof for a great price , since they are already working for your neighbor down the street" or they will "work with you to make sure you don't have to pay the deductible".
Warning signals to help you and your customer avoid being taken by shady contractors.
Be aware of:
- Names of roofers and contractors that you have not seen around your area.
- Out of state license plates and telephone numbers on trucks, signs, and flyers.
- Any contract who says they "don't have their own contractors or business license", or they present licenses in another business' name.
- Contractors or roofers who need to be paid in cash today, and they will begin tomorrow.
- A group of newer large trucks with bright logos and signage mostly focused in the same neighborhood.
- If an unknown roofer or contractor knocks on your door or solicits you about performing work at your home.

These are not all of the warning signs of contractors to avoid, but they can help your customer avoid being taken.
Encourage your customers to be smart and try to work with roofers and contractors that are local to your area. If they are concerned help them contact the BBB or their town licensing and permitting department to research a contractor.


Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD speaking at the Manufactured Housing Conference.

"The first obstacle is that manufactured housing is often overlooked because

it is misunderstood. Many times, when people hear the words “manufactured house,”

their first image is an old trailer that lacks the modern amenities and features of a site-built home. This image is a false façade. 

The fact that manufactured homes can be so beautifully done – and in fact

are often indistinguishable from site-built homes – is manufactured housing’s

best kept secret. Well, HUD believes that secret should be shared."

Read the full transcript of Dr. Carson's speech here. 
Link will take you directly to the Manufactured home Living News website
*SPOILER ALERT* He's in favor of Mobile Homes and the MH industry!