Effective December 01, 2019 your policies with American Modern Insurance Group and American Agency Associates will become part of Johnson & Johnson.

It has been an honor for our family to serve your agency for over 60 years, first as O'donnell-Lefort-Dobbins, then as American Agency Associates since 1993. Over those years we have all watched as our world and our industry has changed, seemingly on a daily basis. 

As some may know, I 'began' the insurance business at 9 years old by assembling rate manuals and notebooks for my father Harold Douglas Jr. Over the next 33+ years he has shown me that no decision should be made without sincere prayer and desire for the Lord's will to be carried out in every part of our lives. I have done my best to serve the Lord by serving others each day and encouraging my staff to do the same.  With the sale of our AMIG book of business to Johnson & Johnson, I believe we are doing just that.

I realize this transition may be a bit of a departure from your experience with AAA, but rest assured J&J has nothing but your best interest in mind. You will find them to be professional, caring and enthusiastic about welcoming you into their family. I am confident their industry experience and influence will help continue the success of your agency.  Your new Marketing Representative will be in contact with you or your agency.  Thank you for welcoming J&J into your agency.

You should have already received a letter directly from J&J either via email or through the US Mail.

If you are an existing customer to J&J, you would have received this letter. (Click Here for existing customers)

If you do not currently write with J&J, you would have received this letter. (Click Here for new customers)

Please note, as of December 01, 2019 American Agency Associates will cease writing all new and renewal business.  You can continue to place new AMIG business and access the AMIG website using your normal login credentials just as you have in the past.   If you have existing Flood or Commercial Equipment Policies, we will be in contact with you very soon to discuss the reassignment of those policies. 

If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-487-7565.


If you have specific questions our would like to reach out to the correct Johnson & Johnson Representative please use the chart below.

Hal Douglas – to Fran.johnsonjr@jjins.com


Denise Douglas – to Kristie.Mclaurine@jjins.com    


Marie Williams – to Kim.Segrest@jjins.com


Tina Henry -  to Kim.Segrest@jjins.com


The Info Line – to mail@jjins.com

Policy or Business Related questions: 843-577-0800

Again, it has been my honor to serve you and I will continue to pray for you, your families and your agency.

Harold F. Douglas III (Hal)


For Agents Only

Call Johnson & Johnson Today: 1-800-487-7565