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Knowledge is power and experience makes all the difference. Since 1956, we have served North & South Carolina with expert advice and underwriting that help you write those sometimes hard to place risks. As a Managing General Agent (Broker) we specialize in stand alone Dwellings, Mobile Homes, Rentals, Motorcycles, Boats, ATV's, Flood, Commercial Equipment and Collector Vehicles. Contact us today to begin something great.

We can provide coverage all over North and South Carolina. Even in Coastal South Carolina.

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Commercial Equipment

Whether you have a single piece of equipment or an entire fleet of machines, we can help. The largest criteria is: it cannot  be licensed for road use. This is a stand alone inland marine policy. If you have questions, give us a call. To start a quote, begin with the quote form above. Keep in mind you will need information about the insured, serial numbers, model info and value of the machine(s). We are here for you.  Let us as help you turn a tough piece of machinery into a piece of cake.